Gorilla Tracking

BwindiRwanda’s most well-known attraction is undoubtedly its mountain gorillas, whose peaceful beauty has enchanted generations. Found in the mist shrouded rainforests of the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda’s gorillas comprise roughly half of the world’s wild gorilla population, with twenty distinct families calling the park home. Guided gorilla treks into the mountains bring visitors up close with these magnificent creatures, as your guides not only lead you to the gorillas but train you in how to react to their behaviour.

There’s no car here – you’re on the ground and close to the animals, and it’s an experience unlike any you’ll find on a conventional safari. No visit to the Volcanoes National Park would be complete without also paying a visit to the grave of Dian Fossey, the American researcher whose passion for gorillas was documented in Gorillas in the Mist. Murdered for her passion, Fossey’s body now lies alongside the gorillas she loved so dearly.